Website Audit Assessment Review

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The main purpose and benefit of a site review process is to define what needs to be addressed to create an effective Internet marketing tool out of your current website!

OMEE Markeing Services offers and provides an affordable and comprehensive versatile online web presence site audit review. We can help identify what areas of your website are lacking performance and what your sites biggest opportunities are for growth. Each site audit comes with an in depth report complete with actionable steps in a language you can understand. Because no website is the same we emphasize high impact areas, all depending on the context of the website in question.

Next, OMEE Marketing Services will analyze your website to determine if it is visitor friendly. We explain whether your website meets the visitor’s basic expectations by examining your website navigation, the content, and link structures. We explain in detail what works and what doesn’t work in terms which are easy to understand. We will also examine the sites of your main competitors and advise you as how to gain a competitive advantage over them.

Not your ordinary audit review

OMEE Marketing Services is able to cater to small businesses locally and nationwide in a remarkable fashion by providing a truly holistic website audit review of your web presence. Unlike a typical website assessment also known as a site audit, we are able to evaluate a wide array of aspects, not limited to: website usability, brand consistency, brand reputation, search engine rankings, competition analysis, keyword analysis and discovery, internet marketing, copy writing, use of tools, evaluation of marketing strategies and tactics, design, general application of leverage for the online business model, site performance, onpage and offpage SEO, social media use, and traffic analysis.

A site audit with OMEE Marketing Services gives the site owners the opportunity to get the type of insight you could only typically get if you were to go to several different experts of different fields. In addition, we are able to translate the SEO or internet markeitng jargon in a clear cut language the typical business owner can actually work with.

Additional Services:

OMEE Marketing Services also offers search engine optimization is a hard to define industry that is lacking in transparency. unfortunately, especially businesses that are new to professional search engine marketing face a number of difficulties and dangers in finding professional services that can actually provide them value. Because there are many SEO companies with questionable methods and marketing techniques, it is easy to misinvest in an SEO company.

OMEE Marketing Services provides SEO consultancy with the purpose of informing its customers before or while they are doing business with an SEO marketing strategy. Because we offer this service and we are aware how competitive SEO is, we will attempt to help your company with its organic search rankings. We do not do outsource our SEO, as many other SEO companies do. Your company will deal with a US based personnel, therefore we will provide you with unbiased trustworthy advise while dealing with your search engine marketing. With our consulting one can invest wisely and ensure that the company which one will be dealing with is worthy of ones time and money. We feel it is our job to provide value through educating small, large businesses and entrepreneurs in what can be a complicated and in some cases very difficult terrain to understand.

The review process can in some cases take upto a week to complete. This site review process will cover as much details as possible and provide recommendations on what it will take to resolve those website deficiencies. The cost is $500.00 with payment due upon ordering. Every website should have a detailed audit review.

Isn’t it time to have your website reviewed to determine what is working and what is not!

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