Website Optimization and SEO Consulting Strategies

When planning and designing a website one must consult with a competent web designer who uses architectural model principles by carefully combining information and natural website navigation in order to satisfy the visitors needs, while at the same time accomplishing their own business objectives and goals. Having good website architecture is extremely vital to your online internet marketing presence, therefore, you would ultimately need to enhance your website in a way that will attract and satisfy your visitors. In other words, having the best website is not enough.

Your ultimate goal as a business owner or entrepreneur is to have your site in front of all potential visitors; otherwise they will not know you exist. This can be accomplished through website optimization better known as search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO Services Offered

At OMEE marketing services we will provide you with the necessary recommendation and/or guidance of appropriate website optimization to have or increase internet presence by conducting an audit of your site, hence providing you with an seo assessment which highlights and explains key issues pertaining to SEO strategies and site architecture. This assessment will cover recommendations for some basic on-page and off-page factors such as:

Additional services provided my OMEE Marketing:

If however, you wish to hire us on a consulting basis because you already have a webmaster on staff; we will work with you our client or your webmaster to provide recommendations on how to optimize your website. By working with our clients in providing the necessary recommendations we, in essence are teaching you techniques that will enable you to have a search engine friendly site. This website optimization process or SEO consulting service is however based upon your in-house resources, intent, complexity of your site and of course your competition.

SEO Training

OMEE Marketing is available to come to your location and train your team on current SEO and internet marketing best practices. We will make certain your team understands the big picture and the details of successful online marketing, so that you’ll be better positioned to develop strategies and tactics for long-term success.

For more information on SEO training or if you have questions regarding website design consultation or any SEO internet marketing strategies, please call us at (805) 906-9998 or send us an email.