Internet Marketing Solutions FAQ's

Where are you located? And what is your physical address?
OMEE Marketing Services is located in the beautiful city of Simi Valley, Ca. Our address is 1735 Cochran Street.
What is SEO (search engine optimization) and why do SEO?
SEO is the process of improving rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs). It is also a process of improving the volume of quality traffic to a web site or web page via a natural or organic way. One reason as to why to SEO is to have your web pages appear at the top of the search engines for targeted keyword queries that will ultimately increase brand awareness, gets you qualified traffic and will increase revenue.
Do you do any type of SEO bartering?
The simple answer to this question is… NO!
What SEO services does OMEE Marketing provide?
OMEE Marketing Services provides website audit reviews, SEO consulting services, Spanish SEO consulting services, website design consulting. Please visit our services section for a more detailed description of these services.
What are your SEO service fees?
Too often unrealistic expectations are assumed by the client and it is important for you to understand that going after competitive search terms (whether broadly defined, niche-based, or geographically targeted) generally takes time to rank. Therefore, our fees are based upon the size of the website, how competitive a keyword search phrase is whether niche-based or geographically targeted. Please contact us for an initial free consultation and for pricing.
Does OMEE Marketing Services provide in-house SEO training?
Yes. OMEE Marketing is available to come to your location and train your team on current SEO and internet marketing best practices. We will make certain your team understands the big picture and the details of successful online marketing, so that you’ll be better positioned to develop strategies and tactics for long-term success.
How can I contact OMEE Marketing Services?
You can reach us via email by completing our online form or you may contact us by calling 805.906.9998.